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In the charred aftermath of Gaea's fury, GiantLands awaits, a world teetering on the brink of annihilation. Here, danger lurks at every turn, where ancient magic clashes with ruthless adversaries, and the choices you make carve your destiny into the very fabric of this perilous realm. 

In the heart-pounding epic of GiantLands, survival is never guaranteed, and heroes are forged in the crucible of relentless challenges. Will you rise to become a legendary champion, wielding the power of Ley energy against formidable odds? Or succumb to the unforgiving wasteland, another forgotten soul swallowed by the chaos?

Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey, where your every decision echoes across the expanse of this treacherous world. Who will you become as you navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape fraught with danger?

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the 1st Edition team

The GiantLands 1st Edition team was hand picked by our Founder Stephen E. Dinehart IV to help bring his vision to life. Going back to the roots of the roleplaying game in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons, a game now famous the world over he found just the people he was looking for. For a full list of credits see any of the 1st Edition booklets.  

Wonderfilled Founder Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Stephen E. Dinehart IV - Director/Writer

James M. Ward

James M. Ward - Writer/Designer

E. Gary Gygax Jr.

E. Gary Gygax Jr. - Creative Supervisor

Larry Elmore Fantasy Artist

Larry Elmore - Cover Artist


GiantlAnds gameplAY

All original d100 Game system

GiantLands offers dynamic gameplay mechanics that include a variety of checks and rolls using the d100 system. From To Hit rolls in combat to Ley Saving Throws when harnessing ley energy, every roll matters and can significantly impact the outcome of your adventure. Players must also manage their Life Force, the measure of their health and vitality, as well as their ability to harness ley energy. 

Players begin by creating their characters, drawing upon six ability scores generated using a d100 system, which define their basic attributes. These characters can hail from various societies, including mysterious Manquatti, enigmatic Anakim, and resourceful Humans. Each character has a unique background, skills, and abilities that add depth to their role in the story.  

One of the game's central features is the Sigils—powerful, ancient artifacts that grant players incredible abilities.  These magical items empower players to perform extraordinary feats and shape the course of their adventures.

What sets GiantLands apart is its sheer openness and player-driven narrative. Whether you're uncovering ancient ruins, engaging in epic battles, or negotiating with diverse societies, every choice you make influences the world around you. The game offers a vast sandbox filled with secrets, and your character's actions can shape the future of this reborn Earth. More than a tabletop RPG; it's an epic journey of survival, exploration, and discovery. Your adventure awaits in GiantLands.

Limited run 1st EDITION boxed-Set

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In this epic game, you'll embark on a thrilling journey across a ravaged Earth, where ancient Sigils and the very ley lines of the planet hold unimaginable power. It's a unique experience that will captivate both your strategic mind and your role-playing heart.

Delve into the remnants of a fallen civilization, explore enigmatic city ruins, and encounter a diverse array of societies, each with its own unique customs and technologies. With GiantLands, you'll find yourself not just rolling dice but also shaping destinies in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with danger and wonder.


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Giantlands Game PARK

Dive into the classic-inspired digest sixed boxed set of GiantLands 1E, and embark on an epic science fantasy journey full of fantastic creatures from many worlds, where your survival hangs in the balance.

Vacation Inside a Game 

Imagine being able to step into a world, not simply as an observer, or an extra on set as a Hollywood star triumphs before you, yet again, but being a hero, taking center stage, where all the adventure and its spoils, are yours to be had. Rather than riding the movie, or stepping into the game, here in the GiantLands Roleplaying Park™ you can live out your deepest fantasies, in a place made for and by game lovers. Not in some far off galaxy, or in a past that never was, but here on Earth, in a future that's all your own. Who Will You Become when this civilization is no more?

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GiantLands is a game made for you, full of danger, excitement and treasure of course. 

Great adventures await! Bend time and space, the future needs your help!
It's good wholesome fun! Games are good for everyone!
Created by classic roleplaying game art and design talent in Wisconsin!
Supporting independent voices, as we're 100% independent and creator owned
Everything in our GiantLands 1E Limited Edition Set is 100% made in the USA!
Be part of building a new chapter in roleplaying games!

Just Want to listen?

We're committed to bring GiantLands to all kinds of places, first and foremost was to make some music to game by an to get players excited for adventure. You can also find these wherever you stream music from Spotify to the Apple Store.

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