Creative Services

At Wonderfilled, we do a range of things to bring experiences to life, online, offline, and in the metaverse.  Our team is made of true wizards capable of making magic happen, and for a great price

Game Design

Our team has been making hit games for decades, we can help you take off and deliver the best of the best to your guests and players.

Game Writing

Award-winning writing that pushes the envelope of interactive storytelling is what gets us up in the morning. 

Production Design

We can design a production for any screen or stage from beginning to end to bring your vision to life.

Creative Direction

No matter where you are in the production process we can help deliver your best!

Client Projects

From AAA games to theatrical parks and the Metaverse we do it all.

Evermore Park

Immersive Theatrical Park

Theme Park Game Direction

Evermore is an immersive theatrical park that opened in Utah in 2018 on a 10-acre lot. We assisted our client in the creation of the core game for the park, working with the various departments to produce shows that acted act the primary entertainment for our guests.  Helping open it in the fall and winter of 2018 to much fanfare, it continues to be open seasonally, on weekends, and for special events. More at


Rovio Entertainment

Design Services

You know that little angry bird, right, the red one. Well, then you know "Angry Birds". While we can't say anything about what we worked on for Rovio, we can say proudly they are our client. The images shown here are just for flavor and have nothing to do with Rovio.

Stage 11

Musical Metaverse  Game

Writing & Design Services

Stage 11 is an ambitious startup from France creating musical metaverse. The David Guetta Experience is the first Music Metaverse Adventure by Stage11 where players join David on a mission to save the future of music—in every possible universe. We can't say much about our work with Stage 11, but rest assured it's cutting edge. 

Why Work with Us

Since 2018 we've been working with the best to deliver top-quality to players globaly. 

We're experts in all things games and interactive
We price competitively 
Our team has won many awards for storytelling, festivals, games, and theme parks
Our work generates billions every year for stakeholders
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