A Wonder Filled Origin Story

A boyhood dream...

This nerd, right here, thought he could change the world way back when. Still does. He used to hide in the basement closest just to listen to his older brother roll dice & go crawling in dungeons. Often booted, he started rolling his own. He was carrying around a D&D Monster Manual by the 3rd Grade & making adventures for his friends. 6 years ago, he left the backlot at Universal Studios for the last time. It was his final day on the Super Nintendo World project. He was told he could look for other positions, but it was then he decided to break out on his own again, and do his darnedest to make the word a bit more wonder filled.

At WonderFilled, we weave magical worlds where imagination and adventure merge, inviting dreamers of all ages to experience enchantment in our video games, role-playing adventures, and theme parks. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity creates a realm where every moment is a dance with wonder, and every journey is an unforgettable tale. Join us in a celebration of wonder, where dreams come alive and every step is a memory in the making.

Wonderfilled Founder Stephen Erin Dinehart IV

OUr Mission

In the spirit of the great storytellers of yore, WonderFilled is more than a company; it is a haven where imagination reigns supreme and where dreams are not just dreamt but lived. We are guardians of wonder, architects of dreams, and believers in the boundless power of play. Join us in this magical journey, where every path leads to wonder, and every moment is a cherished memory in the making.

Superb Gameplay

Our player-centric approach puts players first and foremost in our creative process.

Master Craftsman

We do our best to work with the best always and everywhere, as history's masters have lessons to be taught.

Incomparable Magic

We do the impossible again and again because we believe in the powers of imagination and people.


We deliver our best always, and go the extra mile to bring the best to audiences worldwide.

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